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Find a high level of cost-effective expertise for reviewing medical records and understanding the subtleties of the health care system. When you recognize that you have a case involving health, illness or injury, call J.B. Stevens & Associates immediately. 

Your client deserves an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening the case for merit and providing 30 other services relevant to assist you in your case with a certified legal nurse. 
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What a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Can Do for You

  • Eliminate non-meritorious lawsuits with medical cases screening
  • Medical records and hospital policies procedures analysis and interpretation in relevance to the case
  • Identify and locate medical expert witnesses
  • Develop reports and chronologies in regard to medical events 
  • Assist with preparing interrogatories and requests for production
  • Medical records tampering detection
  • Help assess injuries and its contributing factors
  • Independent medical examination reports
  • Prepare questions for deposition 
  • Prepare direct or cross trial examination 
  • Facilitate demonstrative evidence
  • Compile and create medical and nursing standards of care
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Hiring J.B. Stevens & Associates is more cost-effective than retaining a physician for case screening or expert testimony.
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Emergency consultations are available.
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