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What Is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

A registered nurse who mastered a rigorous Certified Legal Nurse Consultant certification program developed by the company that pioneered the field of legal nurse consulting is called a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. 

The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant pinpoints and interprets health, illness or injury issues. 

Finally, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant works with an attorney on medically-related court cases. The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is the go-to expert on the health care system. 

J.B. Stevens & Associates guarantees a service far more cost-effective than a physician knowledgeable of the standards of care in health care and can better educate you on a wide range of medical issues which will save you money and time. 

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Jim Thompson has coauthored and published successful behavioral management programs for the mentally ill.
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Jim Thompson has 28 years of RN experience.
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